Opening and maintaining bank accounts in Soms and foreign currency:

  • crediting of funds to the Client’s account;
  • effecting of payments and cash remittances from the Client’s account;
  • cash withdrawals from the Client’s account;
  • operations on purchase / sale of cash and non-cash currency;
  • issuing statements on the current account at the Client’s request.

Bank remittances in Soms and foreign currency:
Holding an account in our bank allows you to make remittances in major international currencies through an extensive network of foreign correspondent banks on behalf of both legal and physical persons within 1 to 3 business days without limits on the amount of the remittance.

Payment of regular fees
Regular operations can be executed by the bank on the daily, weekly or monthly basis at your requested days.

Within the given service, you can:

  • request a standing order from the bank to withdraw funds from the current account;
  • make remittances from your accounts to the accounts of other individuals and legal entities, opened both in the Optima Bank and other banks;
  • make non-cash conversion of your funds on a regular basis.

Conversion and foreign exchange transactions
Conversion and foreign exchange transactions are carried out in all kinds of freely convertible currencies based on the established rate of the Bank at the day of transaction. Depending on the amount of convertible funds, a provision of an individual rate is possible.

Cash service
Optima Bank offers its affluent clients cash services in all kinds of freely convertible currencies, assessment of bank notes of dubious authenticity.

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